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We do not plant in large blocks but prefer to break up our plantings into single rows to avoid a monoculture environment. Then by using the best cultivars and the diversification of the plantings, we have virtually eliminated pesticide spraying. We keep our weeds to a minimum with the in row grass strips which we mow. Over time we have eliminated most weeds in and around our nursery and have planted large laurel hedges on the windward sides of the farm to help control weed seeds that may blow in from adjacent fields. We find that by not over using any chemicals our soil has better tilth. Therefore our trees show better vitality, growth and vigor. In our mind, this is much better for our customers and the end consumer..


We are a local family-owned and operated wholesale nursery

Rick Carlson,
Our manager is also a local nurseryman with many years in the business. As a team, we strive to produce superior products that we can be proud to put our name on and to exceed the expectations of our customers.
Cascade Meadows Nursery
Rick Carlson 


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